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Our 2020 AGM will be held at the Rosedale Hall on September 23. RSVP online.

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The Calgary Rosedale Community Association

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Rosedale, Calgary

Rosedale is a residential community centrally located in the city of Calgary, along the north escarpment of the Bow River Valley.

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The mission of the Association is to provide its members and the community as a whole with an organizational base which will allow these members to express their varying needs and special interests in such a way that the members may collectively establish common goals for the ongoing operation of their society and the betterment of the community.

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Video Surviellance

  • The Calgary Rosedale Community Association (RCA) has installed video surveillance as one means to protect our users, renters, community residents, facilities and equipment.
  • This equipment is to be used for security purposes. It may be monitored during any rental/usage to observe first time renters, large events, reported suspicious activity and to verify the arrival/departure time of renters. It may be used following any rental/usage to verify compliance to any guidelines or rules.