The Calgary Rosedale Community Association is governed by a Board of Directors. Here you can find information about RCA’s directors and their contact information. This information was last updated on July 6th, 2022.

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month, 7 pm, September to June either in the Rosedale Boardroom or via Microsoft Teams video conference.  Please contact [email protected] if you would like the meeting link.

President (Officer and Director)
Laura Margetts | [email protected]

Past-President (Officer and Director)

Angela Kokott | [email protected]

Vice-President (Officer and Director)
Iain Campbell | [email protected]

Co-Treasurers (Officer and Directors)
Dave & Deb Guebert | [email protected]

Secretary (Officer and Director) & Casino Coordinator
Cindy Fyvie | [email protected]

Community Watch Coordinator
Vaughan Torrie | [email protected]

Development Permits Director

Development Committee Chair – Harminder Dhillon | [email protected]

Event Coordinator (Director)

Hall Rental Coordinator (Director)
Donna Anderson | [email protected]

Life Cycle, Capital Projects, Maintenance Director
Kevin O’Hearn | [email protected]

Membership Director & RCA Email Communication Coordinator
Marnie Worbets | [email protected]
OR | [email protected]

Cathie Dadge | [email protected]

Rosedale Reporter Co-Editors
[email protected]

Rob Butler | Voting Director
Dawn Lewis |
Laura Margetts | 

Traffic Director
Iain Campbell | [email protected]

Traffic Circle Maintenance Coordinator
Wanita Schmid | [email protected]

RCA Program Coordinators
OPEN POSITION, Soccer Coordinator | [email protected]
Dave Guebert, ODR (Outdoor Rink) Coordinator | [email protected] 
Anne Thomson, McHugh Bluff and Community Clean Up Coordinator | [email protected]

Rosedale Tennis Club (RTC)  [email protected]

Social Media Communications (including RCA website, RCA Facebook, RCA Twitter)
Cindy Fyvie | [email protected]

Cathie Dadge | [email protected]