The Calgary Rosedale Community Association is governed by a Board of Directors. Here you can find information about RCA’s directors and their contact information. This information was last updated on¬†November 17, 2023.

Meetings are held the first Wednesday of every month, 7 pm, September to June either in the Rosedale Boardroom or via Microsoft Teams video conference.¬† Please contact [email protected] if you would like meeting info.

President (Officer and Director)
Iain Campbell | [email protected]

Past-President (Officer and Director)

Laura Margetts | [email protected]

Vice-President (Officer and Director)
OPEN | [email protected]

Co-Treasurers (Officer and Directors)
Dave & Deb Guebert | [email protected]

Secretary (Officer and Director) & Casino Coordinator
Cindy Fyvie |¬†[email protected]

Community Affairs Director  (RCA Facebook & Twitter accounts, Little Free Library Steward, Liaison to SAIT, City of Calgary Ward 7, FCC)

Cathie Dadge | [email protected]

Community Watch Coordinator (Director)
Vaughan Torrie | [email protected]

Development Permits Director
Jordan Phillips | [email protected]

Event Co-Coordinators (Directors)

Carol Blakey | [email protected]

Kate Palmer | [email protected]

Hall Rental Coordinator (Director)
Donna Anderson | [email protected]

Life Cycle, Capital Projects, Maintenance Director
Kevin O’Hearn | [email protected]

Membership Director & RCA Email Communication Coordinator
Marnie Worbets | [email protected]
OR | [email protected]

Cathie Dadge | [email protected]

Rosedale Reporter Co-Editors
[email protected]

Rob Butler | Voting Director
Laura Margetts | 

Traffic Coordinator
Bernard Leung | [email protected]

Traffic Circle Maintenance Coordinator (Director)
Wanita Schmid | [email protected]

RCA Program Coordinators
OPEN POSITION, Soccer Coordinator | [email protected]
Dave Guebert, ODR (Outdoor Rink) Coordinator | [email protected]¬†
Rob Butler and Tannis Hushagen, McHugh Bluff and Community Clean Up Coordinators | [email protected]

Rosedale Tennis Club (RTC)¬† [email protected]

RCA Website Updates and Communications
Cindy Fyvie | [email protected]