Crescent Road 30 km


 The speed limit on Crescent Rd (1st to 7A Street) changed to 30 Km/h

Despite the fact that Crescent Rd is neither a playground, nor a school zone, it is a very unique thoroughfare within the City which supports a large amount of traffic and a multitude of activities (TV channels, filming TV commercials, photo shoots, cyclists, runners, walkers, and skateboarders) and accommodates virtually all Calgary’s limousine services during “grad season”!.

Over the past few years the RCA Board received numerous communications from our residents and non-residents expressing concern over vehicle speeds along Crescent Rd.  Furthermore, many of the Crescent Rd residents signed a petition requesting:  1) a speed limit reduction; 2) measures to curtail cut-through traffic and 3) parking changes along Calgary’s favorite view road. Both the Rosedale Community Association and the Crescent Heights Association boards supported a speed limit reduction on Crescent Road.

Our Councillor, Druh Farrell, after considering both Communities concerns on speed and discussing with the City Engineers, supported the speed reduction along Crescent Rd as it is a unique and special street in the whole City. The following website talks about the impact of speed on pedestrian death: The odds of a pedestrian dying when struck by a vehicle traveling at 40 km/h vs. 30 km/h are double.

In recognition of Crescent Road’s unique value to the local residents and to the City’s citizens generally, the Roads/Traffic department, after studying the impact of a speed reduction on the safety and on the traffic flow, implemented this spring a 30 KM/h speed limit along Crescent Rd from 1st St NW to 7A St NW.

The RCA board welcomes feedback on this speed reduction. The RCA board is planning to review the popularity and effectiveness of the new speed limit a year after its implementation.

No Parking on Crescent Rd (3rd to 7A Street; park side) between 10:00 PM and 7:00 AM

There is a 24 hour “No Parking” restriction on the park side of Crescent Rd from 13 Ave to 7A ST NW . The RCA board, after considering the residents concerns and petition, supported that this restriction to be extended to the portion of Crescent Rd from 4th to 7A Street along the McHugh Bluff/park side as the parking here was unrestricted after 5:00 pm.

Also for comparison, in front of the Crescent Heights park (between 2nd and 3rd Street), there was already a “No Parking” zone from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM even with no residents on that block!

The City’s Roads/Traffic department, after considering the residents concerns and petition and with the Councillor’s Farrell’s and the RCA board’s support, studied the parking situation along the whole Crescent Rd and decided to change the existing unrestricted nightly parking to no parking only after 10:00 pm. The parking change was implemented by the City few months ago to “No Parking and/or Stopping/Idling” along Crescent Rd (park side; from 3rd St to 7A St NW) from 10:00 PM to 7:00 AM.

Calming Traffic Initiatives

Over the last year, Police has set up few check stops for vehicles cutting through Rosedale and more frequently has set up photo radars for speeding North on 10th (as high speed traffic on 10th makes it hazardous for people to drive out of Rosedale on to 10th).

The RCA board continues to bring to the attention of Councilor Farrell, the Roads/Traffic department and to our Community Police liaison issues relating to cut-through traffic (particularly on the intersections of 10th St and 13th Ave; on 7th St and 16th Ave; 4th St and 13th Ave; 7th Ave and Center St) and speeding through out the neighborhood and on 10th Street.

Currently, 30kmh speed limit is observed on Crescent Road.   There are other communities across the country with similar issues,