Traffic Survey 2016 – Final Results

In the spring of 2015, after receiving concerns from residents and non-residents regarding vehicle speeds along Crescent Road and studying the impact of a speed reduction on the safety and on the traffic flow, the City implemented a 30 km/h speed limit along Crescent Rd from 1st St NW to 7A St NW. The RCA board has received both positive and negative feedback on this speed reduction, and committed to study the issue further one year after implementation.

In May, 2016, the RCA Board sought residents’ input both on the speed limit along Crescent Road, as well as the speed limit within the community of Rosedale as a whole. The purpose of this poll was for information gathering purposes only – the community does not have the power to change the speed limits, but would like to ensure it has information from the neighborhood in order to inform any future dialogue with the City.

Traffic Survey Results (n=142)

Speed Limit on Crescent Road

Speed Limit in Rosedale