Outdoor Skating Rink

Rosedale Community Association maintains an outdoor skating rink (The ODR) during the winter months. The rink boards go up in October of each year and are removed the following April. Volunteers are needed for both set-up and take down — specific dates and times are listed on the website Calendar.

During the winter months volunteers are needed to help with flooding and maintaining the ice.  Please contact Dave Guebert at [email protected] if you would like to volunteer.

“Rules of the Rink”

1. The ODR is all about everyone having fun.
2. Kids have priority. Make sure that they have room to play.
3. The lights are on a timer which shuts off at 10:30. There is a switch box on the NE light pole to turn on when playing. Please turn off if you are the last to leave the ice.
4. Periodically, the ODR is reserved for use by Grassroots Hockey or for Community events. Please respect these times.
5. If you use the rink, please scrape and shovel the snow when you are done.
6. The rink is maintained by volunteers. If volunteers ask you to leave the ice so they can flood, please do so.
7. Be considerate of noise levels.
8. Do not use offensive language.
9. Put garbage/recycling in cans provided.

Please play and act responsibly when visiting the Rosedale ODR.  These facilities are not monitored and participants using them do so at their own risk.