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The Calgary Rosedale Community Association

Did you purchase a membership last year? You can avoid retyping all of your information by using our Renewal Tool.

We encourage our community to purchase a membership.  Your membership fee supports the community hall, newsletter, programs, social events, and so many other valuable community initiatives that help make Rosedale a special place to live.  Memberships are sold door-to-door in October or online. Membership is required to participate in the various community programs – yoga, soccer, tennis, etc..

  • Family memberships are $30.00
  • Senior memberships are $10.00 (per family)
  • Single memberships are  $20.00

This is the calendar year for which your membership will be valid. This field cannot be edited.
We welcome the purchase of memberships to both those that live in the community of Rosedale, and those that live outside of the community. However, for classification and membership purposes, we require you to identify which type of member you are.
Blocks can be determined from the block map. If you are still unaware of your block code, please leave this field blank and it will be updated for you when your member number is provisioned.
All Out of Area Memberships are $30.
All memberships are manually verified and those with improper designations will be refunded and cancelled. Senior memberships are available for those over the age of 65.
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