Traffic Circle Update

As many of you have noticed, work has started on the three neglected traffic circles. Two of the three circles have now been weeded, mulched and planted with drought tolerant plants donated from local gardens.  The circle on 13thAvenue and 5thStreet is presently covered in plastic for “solarization”” (to sterilize weeds and weed seeds) and will be planted at the end of July. 

A HUGE thank you to those volunteers who helped with the weeding and planting of those circles.  Many residents stopped and chatted with the volunteers and asked why the City had let things get so bad.  In fact, when the traffic circles were installed, Rosedale had the option of concrete circles, or garden circles, with the understanding that the community would be responsible for the maintenance if we chose gardens.  The City planted drought tolerant native plants for us.  For many years individuals maintained the circles however, in time, three out of four of the gardens have been forgotten.  

So that the hard work by the volunteers doesn’t go to waste and the circles don’t get overgrown with weeds again, we are seeking help from the community residents. We presently have temporary sponsors for the two circles on 14thAvenue but still require permanent sponsors for both of these.  What does being a sponsor mean?  It means that the individual tends to the plants when needed and if they need extra help with weeding or year-end clean-up, we have a small group of volunteers to call upon to help.  As such, we are also looking for any individuals who want to volunteer in that capacity.

If you would like to sponsor/adopt either of the circles on 14thAvenue or be on the volunteer list to help when needed, please contact Wanita Schmid at [email protected]