McHugh Bluff

The McHugh Bluff Committee was initiated in 2008 to provide a point of contact for the City of Calgary with the Rosedale Community regarding all matters dealing with McHugh Bluff. Since then, it has expanded its mandate to include an ā€œadopt-a-parkā€ role. Activities include:

  • Liaising with the City on issues regarding infrastructure projects such as the Crescent Road promenade and the trail system on the Bluff
  • Organizing litter pick-ups on the Bluff in the Spring and Fall
  • Working with City of Calgary Parks Departmentā€™s Biodiversity Program in weed control of invasive species on the Bluff, and co-ordinating with the City the involvement of the Rosedale Junior High students in this City biodiversity program through their environmental stewardship class
  • Financially sponsoring, through the Rosedale Community Association, the participation of the Rosedale Elementary School students every 5 years in a nature education program geared to the ecology of the Bluff

Current membership consists of:
John Mele (850-1667)
Lee Dobson (271-3120)
Ray Hodgkinson
Graham Price (289-5739)


Activities include:

– organizing spring and fall litter cleanups

– work with the City hand pulling invasive weeds

– reach out to residentsĀ of Rosedale, Crescent Heights and Sunnyside for a volunteer distribution list

If you are interested in volunteering with the Friends of McHugh Bluff or would like further information, please contact [email protected]