October 31, 2014


The Rosedale Community Association is governed by a Board of Directors. Here, you can find information about RCA’s directors and their contact information. This information was last updated on October 26, 2013.

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month, September to June in the downstairs boardroom.

Vacant (Please email Vice-President)

Curtis Atkinson | curtis66@shaw.ca

Dave & Deb Guebert | dguebert@shaw.ca

Cindy Fyvie | cindyfyvie@gmail.com

Membership Director
Marnie Worbets | marnie-jo@shaw.ca

Hall Maintenance Director
Bill Wood | b-wood1@telusplanet.net

Entertainment Coordinator
John Tatlow | tatlow@telusplanet.net

Rosedale Reporter Coordinator
Wayne & Olwen Thomas | rosedalereporter@shaw.ca

Traffic Director
Fotis Kalantzis | fkalantzis@shaw.ca

Development Permits Director
Bob Moir | rjbmoir@nucleus.com

Hall Rental Coordinator
Donna Anderson | bdccanderson@shaw.ca

Tennis Coordinator
David Paterson | sdpater@shaw.ca

Special Events Director

C.A.L.L. Director
Carol Gerein | cgerein@ucalgary.ca

C.A.L.L. Director
Barbara Grant | grantbl@shaw.ca

Director at Large
Carol Blakey | carolblakey@live.com
Jan Hammerlindl | jhammerlin@shaw.ca