Rules & Etiquette

Court Rules

  1. Waiting players MUST hang their racquets on the hooks provided. Sitting inside the court does not count as waiting for a court.
  2. If someone is waiting for a court, your court time is limited to 45 minutes from when you entered the court (not from the time new players are waiting). Please relinquish the court even if your set is not complete.
  3. Tennis is the only activity allowed on courts.
  4. Only soft-sole, non-marking shoes are allowed on courts. No bicycles inside court area.

Court Etiquette

  • Do not interrupt play in progress. If your ball rolls on to another court, wait until the players have finished their point before asking them to return your ball.
  • Wait outside and hang your racquet on the rack provided (outside of Court 1) for your turn to play.
  • We have two gates, one on Court 1 (East) and one near Court 2 (Middle court). If Court 1 is being used enter from Court 2 gate.
  • Do not enter the court or walk along the back of a court while a point is being played.
  • If there are players waiting, play short games and set i.e. 2nd deuce is game point, tie-breaker at 5-5 games score. Limit your play time to 45 minutes.
  • Do not put tennis bags on the benches.
  • Please respect others, all players are expected to wear proper attire, shirtless is not allowed, keep voices to a minimum level.

 Keep our Courts Safe and Clean

  • The club is run by volunteers including directors and members.
  • If you find debris on court please place it in the trash bin.
  • Place old balls in the used ball bin and the metal pull tops into the recycle bin. 
  • Lock up the courts and shut the lights off when leaving the court.