Membership in the Rosedale Tennis Club is open to both Rosedale residents and non-residents but all members must also purchase a current membership in the Rosedale Community Association. Upon receipt of Club fees, members will be provided with full access to the locked courts for ad hoc use and will be eligible to participate in box league play, interclub teams and join the Ball Machine Club. Members are obligated to abide by the rules and by-laws of the Club. Guests must be sponsored and accompanied by a member, and can make a maximum of two appearances in one season.

Our on-line internet-based registration system utilizes Stripe online payment software to process payments. (Note: Automated receipts will show RCA as the payee, but tennis payments go to RTC).  To register follow the prompts below, which will result in an immediate system-generated email confirming your registration.

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*NEW* You can now sign up for an RTC and RCA membership in one for via our site.

Please use the RTC Sign Up Form. Your fees and details for both the RCA and RTC will be collected in one place.


Please help us find your membership.

Please use the Membership Verification Tool on the Rosedale Community Association website to confirm your membership and purchase your RTC membership.