How Things Work

Our focus is on having fun, so we try to keep our rules to a minimum, but there are a few things you should know about to make sure that everyone has an enjoyable experience on the courts.

All members of the Rosedale Tennis Club must also be members of the Rosedale Community Association. Annual Rosedale Community Memberships can be purchased through the Tennis Club along with the annual tennis membership.

Entry to the courts is via either of 2 locked gates:  one at the NE corner for the courts and one near the middle of the north fence. Upon payment of fees, members will receive the lock combination and can access the courts at any time. If all courts are in use and players are waiting to play, please limit your play to a single set (or roughly 45 minutes) and, if possible, play doubles.

Members are required to abide by the rules and etiquette of the Club. Guests must be sponsored and accompanied by a member, and can make a maximum of two appearances in one season before joining the Club. If you haven’t met other members on the courts, please introduce yourselves — we like to keep things friendly!

To avoid disappointment, be sure to check the events calendar before heading over to play to make sure the courts are available.