March 31, 2020

North Hill Communities Local Growth Planning


In this phase we discussed the future vision for growth, key opportunities, big ideas and identified topics that required further exploration.

We engaged with the community in a variety ways online and in-person. Information collected through broad public engagement and targeted stakeholder sessions was compiled and shared with the North Hill Communities Working Group. Additional feedback was collected, validated and refined with the Working Group through two sessions. All feedback collected in this phase will be used to help inform a draft land use concept and associated policies which we will share in our next phase.


AWARE 800,000+ 

The number of times an advertisement or information about the project and opportunity to get involved could have been seen. Tools used to build awareness included: Facebook, Twitter, digital ads, ethnic ads, community newsletter ads, bold signs, informational displays and email updates. The project was also featured on the news including CTV and Global etc. 


The number of people who actively or passively got involved in some way. This includes people who visited the website, attended a pop-up event, commented or liked a social media post, subscribed for email updates, attended a working group session, etc.


The number of people who provided input online or in-person.


The total number of contributions received through all participation opportunities.


The high-level themes that emerged throughout all of the comments received in phase two include:

Density and redevelopment: Citizens expressed the need for thoughtful development and smart density within the North Hill Communities. Comments identify a variety of heights and building uses appropriate for specific focus areas and want to ensure that a variety of redevelopment will support a diverse population in terms of their needs and preferences.

Revitalization and appropriate growth: Citizens identified a number of focus areas where growth and redevelopment was more appropriate over others and expressed an eagerness for revitalization and growth along the Main Streets in the area and within the Greenview Industrial Area

Green Line: Citizens identified Green Line as an exciting opportunity for these communities and citizens want to ensure that it is thoughtfully integrated into the community.

Amenities and local businesses: Citizens value many of the existing services and business in the area and would like to see redevelopment that helps strengthen these as well as the creation of new businesses and complementary uses that make North Hill a vibrant community for residents, and a destination for visitors.

Transit Access: Citizens felt transit has improved access to the North Hill communities and specifically the Greenview Industrial area and there is potential to grow and increase vibrancy in the area.

Traffic and parking: Citizens shared that solutions are needed to address both parking concerns and traffic congestion within the area. This was raised as a critical item necessary to support current and future businesses in the area, as parking and traffic is a big issue along the Main Streets and in the Greenview Industrial Area.

Pedestrian and bike access: Citizens value a walkable and accessible community and want to see enhancements to pedestrian and cycling infrastructure.

For more detail on what we heard, please review the What We Heard Report – Phase 2, Envision.

At the North Hill Communities Tradeshow, we invited Sam Hester to graphically record citizens feedback about their vision for the North Hill Communities. This is the image that was created from that feedback. To view a larger version of the image, please click here.


Phase 3 [EVALUATE] will kick off this fall, 2019. 
Visit to stay connected. An email update will be sent out when the next phase is launched.

Have an amazing summer and we’ll see you in the fall!

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