What/When: Our Annual General Meeting will be held on September 23rd at 7:30 PM.

Where: Currently, the plan is that our AGM will be held in the main hall of the community centre. This is subject to change and depends on how many people RSVP.

All attendees must pre-register (RSVP) their attendance.  Prior to entering Rosedale Community Hall on September 23rd, everyone (no exceptions) must complete a COVID-19 waiver form which can be found on the RCA website home page.  Also, as per the City of Calgary Bylaw governing indoor public spaces, all attendees must wear face coverings for the entire meetingFace masks will be provided for anyone unable to bring their own.

Steps to Register

If you are an active (2020), voting member, or a secondary voting member, please register here. (One registration per person)

If you are a guest, or additional family member (non voting), please register here. (One registration per person)