UPDATE from your RCA Board of Directors on The Guidebook for Great Communities and The North Hill Local Area Plan

The proposed planning document, The Guidebook for Great Communities and The North Hill Local Area Plan, will be presented to Calgary City Council for approval on March 22, 2021 @ 9:30AM.  A public hearing will be conducted before Council votes on the Guidebook. Read more of the FAQ pages – www.calgary.ca/northhill  and  www.calgary.ca/guidebookfacts

The proposed Guidebook for Great Communities is the key tool that will be used by citizens, stakeholders and City Planners to create community local area plans. It was used in the creation of the draft North Hill Communities Local Area Plan, the first multi community plan in the City and is being used to guide the Historic East Calgary, Westbrook and Heritage plans. Hopefully, you will have seen the updates in the Rosedale Reporter, on our Facebook page and website over the past two years since the beginning of the North Hill Plan initiative.  

It also introduces the Low Density Residential Policy which will allow for “low density housing” (three storeys or below including, duplexes, semi-detached and row houses) to be allowed throughout all residential communities in the City unless a parcel can meet specific criteria, which will allow for some limitations (See pages 47-49 of the Guidebook).

Provide a WRITTEN SUBMISSION for the public hearing in advance of it: http://calgary.ca/publicsubmission

  • up until March 22nd –  included in public record but NOT meeting agenda so you need to send it directly to Councillors as well

Register to SPEAK at the public hearing by emailing the City Clerks Office: [email protected]

Share your COMMENTS with every Councillor who will vote on the Guidebook at the conclusion of the public hearing: