North Hill Local Area Plan and Guidebook for Great Communities

The Guidebook for Great Communities is a policy document that combines existing policies, improved policies and new policies all in one place. It makes for a more inclusive and consistent way to plan a community’s growth. It keeps Calgary and its communities on the map as one of most livable and welcoming cities in the world. It introduces a new Low Density Residential Policy which will enable more housing varieties throughout the North Hill inner city, including Rosedale.  Read the Guidebook at or watch the 101 Session at

In response to Council direction from July 2020, the items listed below were updated and brought to the Special Planning Committee for Planning and Urban Development (PUD) on January 13th  where an update was on both the Guidebook and Plan was given.

  • Simplified the Urban Form Categories (UFC) in Chapter 2 
  • Moved policies from Chapter 3 to the appropriate UFC section in Chapter 2, so they are in the same place.
  • Expanded policies that help preserve Heritage assets
  • Added direction to incorporate climate change policy in alignment with Calgary’s Climate Resilience Strategy
  • Added policy on Low Density Residential to ensure density is in the right place
  • Simplified the language so its easier to read and gives clearer direction

At that meeting it was voted to have the Guidebook and North Hill teams formally present to PUD on Feb.3rd and at that meeting it was recommended the Guidebook for Great Communities and the North Hill Local Area Plan both be presented to the Combined Meeting of Council on March 22, 2021. This public hearing is another opportunity for citizens and Council to ask questions and provide comment. This meeting of Council will include a Council decision.

The North Hill Local Area Plan sets out the future vision for growth and change in nine established inner-city communities surrounding 16 Avenue and Centre Street including Rosedale. The Plan provides development direction that residents, land owners, builders/developers, City Planners and Councillors can commonly refer to as new development ideas are proposed by property owners and landowners within the area.

The Plan includes the following sections, aiming to answer the accompanying question and includes the associated key components:

  1. Visualizing growth – What is the vision for the area? (vision and core ideas)
  2. Enabling growth – What type of growth makes sense where and what local/custom direction is needed to realize great development in this area? (future growth concept and development policies)
  3. Supporting growth – What investments are needed to support growth? (future infrastructure and amenity goals/objectives).

Take a look through the revised Plan at or find the link to watch a copy of the January 27th info session

Learn more about the Guidebook for Great Communities

The City is offering four virtual presentations and Q&A forums if you are interested in learning more about the Guidebook.  They will cover why the Guidebook is necessary, the changes we made from Council’s direction in July 2020, how we use it with communities to plan for growth and application in community growth:

Feb. 11
Feb. 17
Mar. 16