The Guidebook for Great Communities and North Hill Local Area Plan – Update

The proposed Guidebook for Great Communities is the key tool that will be used by citizens, stakeholders and City Planners to create community local area plans.  It was used in the creation of the draft North Hill Communities Local Area Plan, the first multi-community plan in the City, and is being used to guide the Historic East Calgary, Westbrook and Heritage plans. You will have seen the updates in the Reporter, on our Facebook page and website over the past two years since the onset of the North Hill Plan initiative.

On March 4, 2020, the Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development (PUD) was presented with the proposed Guidebook for Great Communities and the North Hill Communities Local Area Plan.  Many communities and City councillors had outstanding concerns at this meeting and it was felt further refinement was needed.  The Plans were brought forward again in June and, rather than proceeding to a Public Hearing, both Plans were referred back to PUD in July.  At this meeting after the presentation by City Administration and after listening to further submissions from members of the public and discussing the two items, the Committee voted to direct Administration to revise the Guidebook for Great Communities and the North Hill Communities Local Area Plan and return back to the Planning and Urban Development Committee no later than January 2021.  This delay to review these Plans is seen as a positive step and that the City is listening to the stakeholder concerns. These documents and the associated policies will guide future development in Calgary and this review and final public review will result in trust and cooperation and a future development framework that enjoys the greatest public support.

Learn more!  Please go  for the project updates and links to the summaries of what the City has recommended their teams look at in closer detail. These range from Heritage and community character, parks, urban form, low density concerns to urban tree canopy, mobility corridors, on street parking, commercial clusters and more. From that page you can also view the proposed Guidebook and North Hill Plans and watch informative videos.