March 31, 2020

North Hill Communities Local Growth Planning Project Update – March, 2020

The North Hill Local Area Plan and the Guidebook for Great Communities were both presented to the Special Committee on Planning and Urban Development (PUD) on March 4th and approved to continue to Council for a first reading, presently scheduled for April 27th. Rosedale is part of North Hill Communities in this initiative. Through the local growth planning process, the city is creating a future vision for how land could be used and redeveloped in the area building on the vision, goals and policies outlined in Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan and the Guidebook. North Hill was the pilot area and Plans are underway for Westbrook and Elbow Park/Britannia, among others. These Plans aim to increase density over time and potentially will drive zoning changes to the Land Use Bylaw which could affect all areas in the city. We hope you have taken the time to investigate these further and, although they are large and complex documents, it is important to have a look and be informed.

If you want to submit comments for the Council Meeting, you can do so by submitting letters referencing PUD2020-0164 to or by using the online form . Citizens can watch sessions live online and are welcome to present in person to Council as well. The agenda has not yet been published online and, with restrictions on public meetings because of COVID-19, the Council Meeting could be deferred or it may not be open to the public. Please check the City of Calgary websites and Rosedale’s social media and emails for updates.