February 27, 2020

Calgary North Hill Communities Local Growth Plan

North Hill Local Area Plan

A local area plan identifies and guides where and how future growth and development should happen within a specific area. It is a statutory document that will be adopted by Council.

A local area plan includes these components:

  • VISUALIZING GROWTH – What type of growth makes sense where? (vision & maps)
  • ENABLING GROWTH – What local/custom direction is needed to realize great redevelopments in this area? (development policies)
  • SUPPORTING GROWTH – If growth occurs, what physical and social investments are needed? (future infrastructure & amenity goals)

A new local area plan will fill gaps in communities where no local plan currently exists and will replace other plans that are largely outdated.

Established communities need to evolve to make room for our growing population and to ensure they remain vibrant and continue to thrive. This requires thinking about how to make communities sustainable, affordable and dynamic, so that they continue to meet the needs of Calgarians in the future.

The City of Calgary has been working on a North Hill Communities Local Growth Plan – an initiative that includes the communities of: Highland Park, Mount Pleasant, Tuxedo Park, Winston Heights-Mountview, Crescent Heights, Renfrew, Rosedale, Capitol Hill and Thorncliffe Greenview (south of Mcknight Blvd). Through the local growth planning process, a future vision for how land could be used and redeveloped in the area will be created – building on the vision, goals and policies outlined in Calgary’s Municipal Development Plan and the Developed Areas Guidebook.

Updating and consolidating policies in existing plans will provide a more comprehensive picture of where growth should occur in the future.

The draft Local Area Plan for the North Hill Communities, is in the final stages of a draft format and once the plan in finalized The Project Team will be moving towards the Special Policy Committee on Planning & Urban Development on March 4 and on to Council in April for approval. Based on feedback received in Phase Three from the public and the Working Committee, the City is refining and finalizing the final proposed plan. To find the link to the draft Plan go here. https://engage.calgary.ca/NorthHill/evaluate   

The draft Local Area Plan has been informed by the framework outlined in the proposed Guidebook for Great Communities. The Local Area Plan and the Guidebook have been created to work in tandem together to guide future growth and redevelopment.  To view the Guidebook  go here. https://www.calgary.ca/PDA/pd/Pages/Current-studies-and-ongoing-activities/Guidebook-for-Great-Communities.aspx